Here’s how you can learn to fly in Tennessee

Q. Is it affordable?

A. YES! Unlike most educational experiences, you can set the pace according to your finances. There are also scholarships and financial assistance available if needed.

Q. How much does it cost to get your pilot’s license?

A. It all depends on your pace and how you like to learn. Instruction is offered at an hourly rate and can be purchased in a package we refer to as ‘block time,’ which is $10 off the standard hourly rate. There are additional costs along the way with ground instruction, an FAA medical examination, a written examination and your final examination. The more time you spend taking lessons (2 to 3 times per week), the quicker you’re able to learn and the less it costs. If you choose to acquire your license over a two-year period, it slows down your learning curve and ends up costing more over time.

Q. Do you offer financing or scholarships?

A. Yes! We have compiled the most extensive list of aviation scholarships that are out there – almost 100. AND we work with a company who can help you get a student loan for your training.

Q. Do you accept GI Bill/VA benefits?

A. Unfortunately, we do not work with the GI Bill directly as we are a Part 61 flight school. However, we have understood some students to receive a reimbursement from third parties after training.

Q.How long does it take to get your pilot’s license?

A. It depends on your level of commitment to the process. While the FAA requirement of 40 hours of flight training time for the private pilot certificate is the minimum (the national average is 60-70 hours), the total process may take several months due to commuting, ground training, aircraft pre-flight, cancelled lessons due to bad weather, airplane maintenance, etc. If you’re serious and can dedicate a significant focus to learning, you could get your Private Pilot License in 30 days. Some students do it in six months. Some in a year. Some over two years. Tennessee Flight Training works hard to teach on your schedule. So the question should be, how quickly would you like to get your pilot’s license?

Q. Are there career options available?

A. Yes. Across the world there is a high demand for pilots within airlines. Of course there are additional career opportunities in business aviation, medical, fire and government services, as well as in agriculture and other fields.

Q. Should I buy an airplane?

A. We suggest pilots complete their training to see what features they enjoy and then purchase. Aircraft rentals are available at almost any airport in the nation. Also, we are equipped with a fleet of airplanes ready for you to utilize.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Absolutely, flying is safer than driving a vehicle. Current statistics show that aviation accidents occur at one-tenth the frequency of automobiles. Our planes undergo stringent inspections by Federal Aviation Administration certified mechanics every 50 and 100 hours of operation. Our instructors are required to participate in continuous training and safety courses.

Q. Are kids allowed to train?

A. Absolutely!  We’ve had kids start taking lessons as early as 11 years old. Now is a great time to start learning! Some families bring their kids in for introductory lessons. Call us and let us guide you thru some ideas.

Q. What are the requirements to get a pilot’s license?

A. You must:

  • Be able to read, speak and clearly understand English
  • Be 16 years old to fly solo in an airplane (however, if a student is under 16, there’s still plenty of training that can happen before your 16th birthday)
  • Be 17 years old to receive your pilot’s certificate
  • Receive a third-class medical certificate from an FAA-certified physician (your instructor can help you with setting up an appointment)

Q. Do I need any prior experience to get started?

A. Absolutely not! We can start you right away with no prior experience.

Q. What does a typical lesson look like?

A. A normal lesson is two hours total (not entirely in a plane) and consists of pre-flight briefing, a flight in the airplane, and a post-flight briefing.

Q. Are their age restrictions on training?

A. You can train at any age, but you do need to be tall enough to reach the rudder pedals! Feel free to call and setup an appointment to try it out. Students must be 16 years old to fly solo and 17 to obtain a Private Pilot’s License. We’ve also had students who earn their license in their 70s, so you’re never too old.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. We’re open Monday – Saturday, normally 8:30-5:30 and are closed Sundays. However, if you have a need to work around your work or school schedule, please call and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q. Once I have my private pilot’s license, what can I do?  Where can I go?

A. With your private pilot’s license, you now have the ability to fly to any airport inside or outside the United States (subject to foreign country regulations), as well as carry passengers.

Q. Can I take flight lessons if I’m not a U.S. citizen?

A. Non-US citizens must be approved by the TSA. All applications must be submitted online and approved before any training can begin. Submit an application via