Topic:Common Errors That Good Pilots Make Flying IFR

Date and Time:Thursday, October 5, 2023, starting at 19:00

Speaker(s):Gary ‘GPS’ Guy in the Pink Shirt Reeves

Brief Description:
Learn the top 5 mistakes that good pilots and instructors keep making that make IFR much harder and more dangerous than it needs to be. A must-attend class for any IFR student, pilot, or CFII. This is your chance to laugh and learn with the 2019 FAA National CFI of the Year: Gary “GPS” (Guy in the Pink Shirt) Reeves.

He is the most experienced avionics instructor in the world for teaching autopilots, Avidyne, Garmin, Glass Panels, and ForeFlight for Single-Pilot IFR. With 20 years and over 8,300 hours of real-world experience in all 50 states and internationally, he helps pilots in everything from rotorcraft, jets, turboprops, and piston airplanes develop a true Mastery, Not Minimums understanding and control of avionics to make IFR easier and safer.

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