For many aspiring aviators, the dream of becoming an airline pilot seems out of reach, reserved only for those who can afford a four-year college degree and have years of flying experience. However, that’s a myth. In fact, there are many reasons why it’s now easier than ever to become a professional pilot.

1) Airlines are Facing a Pilot Shortage

Just last year, Boeing released some startling statistics that over the next 20 years there will be a need for roughly 640,000 pilots worldwide, with approximately 117,000 in the United States alone ( Simply put, the aviation industry is in need of pilots. Regional airlines are continuing to offer competitive pay, benefits, and signing bonuses in response to the demand. The time to launch your career as an airline pilot is NOW.

2) A College Degree Isn’t Mandatory

Although a college degree is helpful (and can be obtained through our partnership with Embry-Riddle), it isn’t mandatory to have a successful career as a pilot. The training regimen to become a pilot allows you to learn at your own pace and gain the focused skills you need. You don’t need prior experience to start training — you can start today. At Nashville Flight Training we train students from beginner stage to airline-ready on a daily basis.

3) Training is More Affordable than You Might Think

At Nashville Flight Training you don’t need to go $100,000 in debt while becoming a pilot, like you might with a college degree. With our affordable rates and scholarship options, the path to becoming a pilot is more economical than other flight training options. Our “pay as you go” program allows you to train at your own pace and budget.

4) Hands-on Training

Perhaps the best news is that our location at Nashville International Airport (BNA) gives you a level of experience not found at other schools. Learning how to fly out of a busy, towered airport with the big airlines will give you the ability and confidence to fly anywhere, for anyone.

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